Board and Train Puppy: Good Start Puppy Training

Board and Train Puppy Potty Camp

Board and Training puppy from 8-16 weeks of age.

Through our potty camp program we take the difficulty out of the beginning stages of training and reduce household stress, which will allow you and your family to just enjoy your puppy.

This is a very important stage in your puppy’s development, so training at this age should be fun and memorable. We strongly believe that harsh and forceful methods should never be used, so we incorporate play, petting, and cookies. 

See our videos of some amazing puppies. Our potty camp puppy training far exceeds kennel training because your puppy lives with the trainer and is never left alone at night. 

Your puppy’s day is a balance between work, play, and rest. Your puppy will learn:

  • The basic commands
  • Place command
  • Leash walking
  • Crate training
  • Potty/house training
  • Manners
  • Meet and Greet
  • Socialization

Manners: We work on jumping, nipping, and biting, sitting politely for putting the leash on and off, and sitting/staying at feeding. In addition, your puppy is socialized with appropriate dogs to help it learn the skills needed to interact with other dogs.

At the end of your puppy’s potty camp training, we spend 90 minutes reviewing all the components your puppy has learned and we will teach you how to maintain them. 

Starting your puppy off right has life long lasting effects

See our videos below of some amazing dog training, that is fun and motivational. Dogs love it!!

Puppy Board and Train focuses on a whole dog approach based on the health, physical traits, temperament, breed qualities, and mental ability of each individual dog. We also include dietary changes and herbal remedies, if needed, that will support our program and will aid in your dog’s training.

Board and Train Puppy Good Start Puppy Camp

This Board and Train Puppy program is for puppies that are    4 months to 7 months old. It is designed for individuals that would like to get their puppy off to a great start. 

The board and train puppy programs will give your puppy a variety of real-life experiences that are so valuable at this age in order to build confidence and add to their stability.

This board and train program extends beyond the 4 walls of our home, which is where your dog lives during their training, as we venture out into the community. Your dog is expected to walk nicely on a leash, be polite, and show good manners as we meet people around St. Charles IL, Geneva IL, North Aurora IL, and through out the Fox Area. 

The board and train puppy program covers the most commonly requested training skills,

  • Basic commands (sit, stay, down, come),
  • Meet and greets
  • Walking on a loose leash
  • Good manners
  • Sitting politely for petting
  • Taking leash on and off
  • Meal time
  • Dashing through the doors

There is flexibility in the board and train puppy program for puppies to add other commands but we focus on basic commands and manners.

At the end of your puppy’s training, you will spend 90 minutes with the dog trainer reviewing all the components of your puppy’s training and what they have accomplished.  

For dogs older than 8 months, we direct them to our Adult Board and Train Program.

For dogs with fear or aggression issues, we refer them to our Behavior Modification Program.

Board and Train Puppy Good Start Puppy Program

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important things

Potty Camp Program (10 days ) is for puppies  8-16  weeks. This program is designed to help with create training, potty training, creating schedule and routine, socialization and basic commands

Good Start Puppy Program (12 days) is for puppies 4 months – 8 months. This program is designed for individuals that  would like to get their puppy off to a great start. This program is designed to help with create training, potty training, leash walking, meet and greets and basic command. 

Adult Training Program For dogs over 8 months.  This program is designed to cover the basic commands, develop manners, and community training. Our focus is to provide a well rounded family dog that can be included in every family activity.  

The ideal time to begin training is around 7 to 8 weeks for most puppies, and the most effective training involves positive reinforcement and gentle commands. This is also the age to begin socializing your puppy to new people and new species, allowing them to explore and have new experiences.

Because dog training can be simple yet complex when working with behaviors we require a phone conversation with each potential client.

We want to make sure that we have the information we need to properly assess your needs and review your training goals which allows us to create a program that fits your  goals.