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fresh dog food delivery

Raw Dog Food

Commitment to quality ingredients

Humanely-raised, lean quality cuts of meat

Availability in both complete and prey  formulas

We've Done the Research so you don't have to

Fresh Dog Food Delivery

We’ve carefully researched and our top choices are picked to ensure the best quality of dog food and treats perfectly match to our pet parents needs. Your support means a lot to us! When you make purchases through our site, you’re not just getting great products, but also contributing to our ongoing research for the best dog products, as we receive a little something back in the form of a small commission from your purchase.

20% TCVM Pet
Pet Tao
side by side dog food

Chi Dog
Gently Cooked Dog Food


Chi Dog Food is made solely from whole, nutritious ingredients.

Chi Dog Food is formulated by TMCV Veterinarian

Each recipes has been designed specifically to fit your dog’s personality and health.

Pet Tao
Freeze Dried Dog Food and Treats


PET | TAO products are all color-coded, making it easy for you to choose the right products for your pet to thrive

The PET | TAO Food Therapy System was formulated and designed by practicing holistic TCVM veterinarians

Dehydrated Treats and Supplements

Reshaping the Standard of Healthy

Every ingredient was curated by Dr. Bessent, picked specifically to address a particular need of an animal

cGMP Facility guarantees that every product is safe with a skilled veterinarian overseeing every step for top quality and safety assurance.

Side By Side
Stews and Dehydrated Treats

100% COMPLETE & BALANCED NUTRITION without the need to add anything extra!

No Synthetics, additives or fillers. Ever.

Non GMO, Made in the USA, Veterinarian formulated

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