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Dogs 4 Life Wellness uniquely offers pet parents an affordable way to address their pets health and behavior naturally with Pet Wellness Profile Pet Food and Environment Sensitivity Test. We test common pet food ingredients that can cause physical and behavioral issues.

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350 Common Elements Tested. Including proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, additives and preservatives. Also includes Environment, Heavy Metal, Mineral and Nutritional Panel

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Affordable, easy, non evasive and pain free. No waiting for snail mail test kit. No registration on line. Instructions are emailed saving you time for faster results.

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Upon purchase you will receive the address to send directly to our lab. Place a stamp on your envelope, now kick back it won’t be long.

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The results are directly emailed to you with in seven to ten days from when the lab receives your sample.

Pet Food And Environment Test

Provides a full comprehensive overview of your pets wellness.

Pet Wellness Profile

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Pet Food and Environment Test Includes 350 Elements tested.

350 Elements Tested

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Why You should consider Pet food and environment test for your dog

As responsible pet owners, our top priority is to maintain and improve our dogs physical, mental and emotional well-being. It’s important to consider various factors that impact their overall health, such as their diet and environment. Pet food and environmental sensitivities, which we often overlook, can have a significant impact on your dog’s health and ability to learn and train.

If your dog is experiencing pet food and environment test sensitivities, they may have trouble retaining information and struggle with spaciness, hyperactivity, and lack of motivation to train or exercise. Additionally, physical ailments such as digestive issues, skin irritations, and ear infections are not uncommon for dogs with pet food and environment sensitivity and can make them feel uncomfortable and unable to focus. Pet Food and Environment test sensitivity can also cause depression, aggression, stubbornness, and lethargy.

Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent and improve these symptoms. offers a Pet Food and Environment Test.  The Pet Food and Environment Test is easy-to-order and affordable hair sample test, with results in about 10 days. This test will help you to identify the specific elements causing your dog’s symptoms. You will receive your dogs wellness profile that offers a comprehensive overview with valuable information about your dog’s health and how to to change your dogs diet to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health which aids to your dogs ability to train.

By taking the necessary steps and ordering our pet food and environment test sensitivity today at, you can make adjustments to your dog’s diet, home surroundings, and lifestyle. You’ll receive a comprehensive overview of your dog’s health to ensure they can learn, function in their everyday activities, and live a healthy and happy life. Your furry companion deserves the best, so take charge of their health and well-being today! You will love the outcome and the power you have to improve your dogs training.