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Dogs 4 Life

Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer
Serving the Canine Community Since2002

Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer and Wellness Coach at Dogs 4 Life North Aurora IL

Recommended by Veterinarians, Rescues, Kennels, and Breeders

2019 Award Winner - Dog Trainer


In Home Dog Training, or  Board and Training, Nutrition Counseling, Natural Dog Products.
We train all breeds,  rescue dogs, and puppy training.  We offer puppy assessments, rehabilitation, socialization, obedience, private training, and behavior consultations

If your dog needs help with  *Housebreaking  *Pulling on the leash *Not coming when called *Darting out through  open doors *Hyperactivity *Aggression *Nipping and mouthing, *Fear  *Jumping on people *Excessive barking *Counter surfing *Destructive behavior, then we can help.  

 Dog training near me, St. Charles IL, North Aurora IL, Sugar Grove IL, Geneva IL, Batavia IL Aurora IL  and the surrounding area. 

Dogs 4 Life Training Award
Dogs 4 Life Training Award

Dog Training and Wellness Services

In Home Dog Training

In Home Dog Training Dogs 4 Life Training and Wellness st. Charles IL

Board and Train

Board and Dog Training at with Miss Christine

Nutrition Counseling

Canine Nutrition Expert Christine Johnson at Dogs 4 Life  whole dog training and wellness.

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