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Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer Serving the Canine Community Since2002

Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer Serving the Canine Community Since2002

Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer Serving the Canine Community Since2002Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer Serving the Canine Community Since2002

Behavior Modification

Dog Behaviorist

Behavior Modification Training

 My experience and wisdom taught me: Problematic behaviors can be difficult to work with and it is usually the reason why many dogs are surrendered to shelters. The owner just doesn't see any other option or understand how to help them. 

Why is he acting that way?   Why don't he do what I want?  Why wont he listen to me? 

Dogs 4 Life Focuses on a whole dog approach based upon the health physical traits, temperament, breed qualities, and mental ability of each individual dogs. This is why our training programs are so successful, we do not believe ever dog is the same and therefore each dogs training may differ. 

We  humanize our pets then we begin to make  "human" assumption as to why our dog behaves a certain way. This is the first step to failure.  A dog is not a human so together we will take the first step in correcting issues, by teaching you how to better understand and communicate with your "dog".


Behaviors can be connected to the genetic disposition, temperament, breed quality, and are prone to instinctual or the natural behavior, they can be reactive to certain triggers,  behavior is not ALWAYS based upon an experience. 

 For example, a dog that nips children while running, is not surprising to find that these dogs are from the herding groups. This would be typical natural behavior for the breed, however, not necessarily acceptable.

On the other hand, sometimes dogs have emotional issues. In my experience we use obedience training helps to balance them but they may also benefit from other modalities: homeopathic, CBD oil, Flower Essence, and Essential Oils. 

Just like my story about Strider,  who excelled in obedience, but was emotionally scarred by a dog attack,  I had to find a way to heal his fear and to restore balance.

My years of experience and intuitiveness in working with dogs can make successful changes for your dog too.

My goal: Is to provide a “how to" program for training and resolving issues for family dog owners.

With that said, it is not always easy for the owners to go through the process of training. 

We have an emotional attachment to our dogs, that can become a problem. In addition to our empathy, not all pet owners have the skill even with the instruction of a dog trainer, in these cases a Board and Train will be better suited. 

  •  Our schedule allows family's to be flexible and we understand sometimes things come up, therefore we only charge for  cancellation if they are less than 24 hours notice. 
  • Our program fees are discounted from our regular hourly rate and  does have an eight week expiration with a no refund policy.  
  • If you feel you can not complete 5 hours in eight weeks you can opt for session per sessions at our regular hourly rates. 

 I care about each of my customers, therefore to better serve you I require a personal phone call  to discuss  how I can personalized my training to meet your family's training needs.   - Christine

 Behavior Modification Training, Fear Dogs and dog aggression

 Behavior Modification Training, Fear Dogs and dog aggression 

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