Dogs 4 Life Training and Wellness Puppy board and Train Camp

It's a different dog! 

Puppy Potty Camp - 10 day

Board and Train Puppies

Program is for puppies  8-16  weeks of age. We take the difficulty out of the beginning stages of  training and reduce the household stress which will allow you and your  family to just enjoy your puppy.

This is a very important stage  in your puppy's development, so training at this age should be fun and  memorable.  Harsh and forceful methods should never be used, we like to  incorporate play, petting, and sometimes a cookie. 

See our videos of some amazing puppy's. Our  puppy board and training far exceeds kennel training because your puppy lives with the dog trainer in their home, they are never left alone at night and to assure  quality training we limit to two dogs. 

Your puppy's day is a balance between: work, play, and rest. What your dog learns: basic commands  come, sit, down stay, place, leash walking, crate training, and of course potty/ house training. Manners:   We work on jumping, nipping, and biting, sitting politely for putting  leash on and off, and to sit/stay at feeding. In addition to your puppy  is socialized with appropriate dogs to help them learn the skill they  need to interact with other dogs.

At the end of your puppy's potty camp training we spend 90 minutes reviewing all the components your puppy has  learned and we will teach you how to maintain it. 

I care about each of my customers, therefore to better serve you I require a personal phone call  to discuss  how I can personalized my training to meet your family's training needs.   - Christine

Please call for information and to schedule your dogs training  630 901-4597

Puppy Boot Camp ages 8  to 16 weeks:
Puppy Boot Camp ages 8 to 16 weeks:

Watch these impressive puppies in training

Training is always motivational

Puppy board and train basic commands and leash walking  pointer griffon

Puppies excel in our program

Puppy board and training, potty training, nipping and jumping. Training puppy golden doodle

Adding something fun for the kids

Puppy Boot Camp Training, house training, teaching puppy tricks. Chinese crested dog

Play Training is Fun

Dogs 4 Life Whole Dog Training and Wellness puppy camp. Training french bull dog

French Bull Dog and his mom

Potty training for older dogs, Dogs 4 life board and training, nipping, training frenchie

Jack the Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiff puppy training, basic commands, leash walking

Good Start Puppy Camp 12 days

Board and Training of Puppies

Program is for puppies 4 months - 8 months. This program is designed for individuals that  would like to get their puppy off to a great start. 

Our program will  give your puppy a variety of real life experiences  which are so valuable at this age in order to build confidence and add  to their stability. This training program extends beyond the 4 wall of  our home, which is where your dog lives during their training, as we  venture out into the community. Your dog is expected to walk nicely  on leash, be polite, and show good manners as we meet people around the St. Charles, Geneva and North Aurora Area. 

This program covers  the most commonly requested training skills; basic commands: sit, stay,  down, come, meet and greets, and walking on a loose leash. Good Manners, sitting politely for: petting, taking leash on and off, meal  time, and not dashing through the doors.

There is flexibility in the  program to add other commands but we focus on basic commands and manners.

See our videos below of some amazing dog training, that is fun and motivational,  Dogs love it!!

At  the end of your dogs potty camp training you will spend 90 minutes with the dog trainer reviewing all the components of your puppy's training and what they have accomplished.  

I care about each of my customers, therefore to better serve you I require a personal phone call  to discuss  how I can personalized my puppy board and training program to meet your family's training needs. Call Now Christine at 630 01-4597

Dogs older than 10 months we direct to our Adult Board and Train Program 

Dogs with fear or aggression issues we refer to our Behavior Modification Program

Call Now to schedule your dogs training 630 901-4597

Good Start Puppy Camp ages 4  to 8 months training Morkie Breed
Good Start Puppy Camp ages 4 to 8 months training Morkie Breed

Off leash Board and Training


This  program is for the dog owner that wants their well mannered dog to be apart of the family and enjoys taking them to community events.  

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