Board and Training Dog

You will be delighted with your results

Board and Train for adult dog’s are centered on dog obedience and manners training. All behavior rest upon your dogs foundation commands as it adds to your dog’s stability and confidence while providing structure, which is essential for every family dog.  

Your dog will learn:

      • Basic foundation commands: come, sit, down, stay.
      • place command
      • leash walking on and off
      • eliminate jumping on people
      • counter surfing
      • eliminate door dashing
      • polite behavior in and outside the home

Your dogs training advances to the community as they go on field trips to different activities, thereby challenging their new skills. They are trained with other dogs in the house they are allowed to play and interact if socially appropriate.

Our board and training focus is to provide a well-rounded family dog that can be included in every family activity.

At the end of our board and train program, we will spend about 90 minutes together reviewing your dog’s accompaniments and teaching you how to transition and maintain your dog’s training.

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Training requirements are different for every family and dog; therefore, we require a phone conversation with each customer about their needs and training goals.

You will be delighted to be able to include your dog in family activities, such as kids’ baseball games, evening concerts, hanging out chatting with friends at Starbucks, and taking them to the farmers market or errands. Training enriches your dog’s life, you will love how well-mannered your dog is as you will both enjoy being together.

Board and train adult dogs
Board and train

Board and Training for dogs include basic and advance training for families, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, and much more. Every training differs for each family, we tailor our training to your needs.

Basic Dog Training

Covers in home basic training and manners including leash walking and place command

Prepare For Testing

Preparing your dog for service, therapy, or as a emotional support dog, first steps are achieving Canine Good Citizens Test.

Public Distraction

Covers Basic training requirements and public manners and being polite on leash

Remote Collar Training

For those who wish to train on a remote collar, we offer a dog friendly method for off leash capability.

Award Winning Trainer

Award Winning Dog Trainer

Dogs 4 Life Board and Train focuses on a whole dog approach based on the health, physical traits, temperament, breed qualities, and mental ability of each individual dog. We also include dietary changes and herbal remedies, if needed, that will support our program and will aid in your dog’s training.

This is why our private dog training programs are so successful. We do not consider every dog to be the same and therefore each dog’s training may differ.