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Downers Grove Il is an ideal place for people to enjoy life with a dog. Whether you have kids or are an empty nester, a furry companion adds joy to your home and community. Taking your dog to kids sports events or having coffee with your friend is always enjoyable. Training at an early age helps integrate them into your family and community.

Downers Grove IL Puppy Training: Gentle and Effective Approach

Christine partners with numerous pet owners in Downers Grove IL, assisting them training with our Good Start Puppy program which was designed to streamlining the process of raising a well-mannered and happy dog. Christine trainer at Dogs 4 Life provide families with guidance on efficient communication techniques to promote quick learning of obedience, socialization, and housebreaking for their puppies, employing a gentle and long-lasting training methodology.

Downers Grove IL Puppy Training: Good Start Puppy Program

Puppy trainingGood Start Puppy program are meant to train new puppy owners how to create a dog to become a welcome member of the household. Often the calls we receive include:

  • “I need help house training and crate training my puppy.”
  • “I need my old dog to welcome my new puppy.”
  • “I need to teach my dog how to stop jumping on people.”
  • “I need help teaching my dog commands.”
  • “I need help walking my dog on a leash.”

These and other common concerns can all be addressed with our Good Start Puppy program. This is a perfect program for you and your family, as you train together with your dog creating structure and understanding of the rules.

Downers Grove IL Puppy Training: Common Behaviors We Address

Your dog needs to properly understand the rules and methods of your family, just as you would expect from any other family member. We want to make sure that you and your dog are off to the right start when it comes to forming a strong relationship. 

Some of the most common behaviors we assist with are directly related to being a good member of the family, including:

  • Chewing on Furniture – Dogs chew while they’re teething and to avoid boredom. It is important that they learn to respect household items, which is something we can teach in dog training.
  • Jumping – Jumping is often playful, and it’s okay for your dog to be excited, but it helps to show them how to control that particular behavior.
  • Barking – Unwanted and consistent barking can be a nuisance. We help your dog understand when it is okay to ask for things and when barking is not necessary.
  • Biting – There is aggressive biting and there is nipping biting. We can help you determine which is which and make sure that your dog is able to control those behaviors.
  • Distracted Walking – Walking on a leash is as important for pet safety as it is for having fun outdoors. We can make sure that your dog understands how to walk correctly and heel on command as needed.
  • Selective Hearing – One of the most frustrating things is when your dog fails to listen when you call his/her name or when he doesn’t respect your commands. This is also a serious safety issue. Coming when called is an important step in dog training.
  • Potty Training – Puppies need help figuring out when to ask you to go outside to use the bathroom and avoid spills. Our trainers are sure to help you out and solve this issue.
  • Sleeping Properly – Sometimes it can be difficult to get your dog or puppy to sleep through the night, but with crate training we are sure to help solve this issue.

These are the most common behaviors we witness in our Oak Park dog training sessions, but there are many more that we address as well. With the help of Christine Johnson Dog Trainer Downers Grove IL will help your dog not only adjust to life in the family – but thrive. 

Downers Grove IL Puppy Training: Whole Dog Training

Dogs 4 Life integrates whole dog training into all their programs, focusing on a holistic approach considering health, physical traits, temperament, breed characteristics, and mental abilities. We include dietary adjustments, vaccination protocol, and food sensitivity testing or other herbal remedies may be suggested to enhance your dog’s training.

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