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Puppy Training Sugar Grove IL In Home

The best time to start In Home Puppy Training in Sugar Grove IL is right from the get-go.

We begin with setting routines, that include:

      • Potty Training
      • Create Training
      • Fun a memorable games that teach basic commands

Puppies best learn in a relaxed and quiet environment, which is why we recommend In Home Training Programs. It allows your puppy to  to concentrate and absorb new information without distractions of noisy group classes.

Why we recommend In Home Puppy Training in Sugar Grove IL versus Group Training Classes.

Benefits of In Home Puppy Training

      • Personalized attention; for your family training goal
      • Individual programs; based on your needs
      • Flexible scheduling; it’s not always easy to keep the same schedule when you have busy lives
      • The whole family participation
      • Less distraction; makes it easier for the family and puppy to learn
      • Reduces frustration, anxiety, stress
      • Protects puppies that are not fully inoculated

Many people confuse group training classes as “socialization”. Group puppy training classes are not the same as socialization and unless the class offers time for the puppies to “interact” . then then it is considered distraction training.

Distraction training happens after your dogs has learnt basic foundation skills and then is able to perform these skills in a environment that can pull the attention away from the handler. 

Over 3000 Dogs Trained

Puppy Training Sugar Grove IL Programs

You will be surprised that the important factor to any successful training is training people. It’s true!

All of our In Home Puppy Training  programs begin with a two hour lesson teaching families how to be successful communicators for their puppy.

Your family will learn

      • How to be consistent and fair
      • How to be effective in redirecting your puppies attention
      • How to set rules and boundaries
      • How to reduce and eliminate behaviors such as biting, jumping and nipping
      • Best Nutrition and foods

Other In home puppy training Sugar Grove IL programs

Puppy Training,  Foundation Training, Distraction Training, Leash, Manners, Therapy Dog Training, Emotional Support Dog Training, Canine Good Citizen Training, Therapy Dog Certification Training

Dogs 4 Life in-home Dog training focuses on a whole dog approach based on the health, physical traits, temperament, breed qualities, and mental ability of each individual dog. We also include dietary changes and herbal remedies, if needed, that will support our program and will aid in your dog’s training.

Award Winning Trainer

Award Winning Dog Trainer

important things

Each program is customized and tailored based upon the family training need.  Both The Puppy & The Foundation Program  are a total of five hours of training with a expert trainer to assist your family and dog through the  training process.  

  •  The first lesson is two hours with the whole family,
  • The remaining 3 hours are split into 1 hour lessons over a course of 7 weeks.   

Manners | Distraction | Leash walking  After your dog has completed the foundation or basic training they will be ready for the next level of training, which includes meet and greets, leash walking and distraction training.

  • This program is a total three hours of training with a expert trainer to assist your family and dog through the  training process.
  • Our training extends beyond the walls of your home, as we work in the real world environments. 

Because dog training can be simple yet complex when working with behaviors we require a phone conversation with each potential client.

We want to make sure that we have the information we need to properly assess your needs and review your training goals which allows us to create a program that fits your  goals.

Please reach out to us by phone 630 901-4597 or E mail

Our program fees are discounted from our regular hourly rate and have expiration dates with a no refund policy. If you feel that you do not want to commit to a program or that you will not be able to complete a program within the allotted time, you can opt for session per sessions at our regular hourly rates. 

We allow (1) same day cancellation  without charge. Otherwise anything less than 24 hours is chargeable .

3 Hour Programs expire after 5 weeks.

5 hour programs expire after 8 weeks.

7 hour programs expire after 12 weeks.

Potty Camp Program (10 days ) is for puppies  8-16  weeks. This program is designed to help with create training, potty training, creating schedule and routine, socialization and basic commands

Good Start Puppy Program (12 days) is for puppies 4 months – 8 months. This program is designed for individuals that  would like to get their puppy off to a great start. This program is designed to help with create training, potty training, leash walking, meet and greets and basic command. 

Adult Training Program For dogs over 8 months.  This program is designed to cover the basic commands, develop manners, and community training. Our focus is to provide a well rounded family dog that can be included in every family activity.  

The ideal time to begin training is around 7 to 8 weeks for most puppies, and the most effective training involves positive reinforcement and gentle commands. This is also the age to begin socializing your puppy to new people and new species, allowing them to explore and have new experiences.