Manners | Distractions | Leash Training

Leash Training

Once your dog and you have completed Foundation Training and your dog has an understanding of basic skills, along with your newly learned techniques, we move to a new advanced level of training called Manners, Distractions, Leash Training. It is at this level that we can expect our dog to accomplish a task without jumping on people when they meet, without pulling the leash when they see another dog, or respond to our call even if they are interested in something better to sniff.

Manners | Distraction | leash Training

  • Eliminate/reduce jumping on people
  • Eliminate/reduce pulling on leash
  • Improve responsiveness to commands
  • Teaches your dog to be calm around people and other dogs
  • Helps your dog to adapt do different exposures
  • Builds Confidence

Before moving into advanced levels of training, your dog must have the fundamentals of the basic, this is what we call the Foundation Training. Your dog must be able to perform basic obedience to begin this level.

At this is the level we also begin training for the Canine Good Citizen Certificate, Therapy Dog Training, and Emotional Support Dog and Services Task work. We recommend food sensitivity testing for dogs needing behavior modification.

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Private Training For Advanced Training Levels and Why You Need it

Manners Distraction leash training

Meet and Greet with people coming to your home.

Does your dog jump on people and rush them at the door? I bet you would love to see your dog Meet and greet without jumping when people come to vist.

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Taking your dog into the community such as farmers markets, kids sports events, and errands, are great ways to spend time with your dog.

During those first few months, puppies need a lot of care, attention, and training which is best done in your home where your dog learns best. Upon the completion of your dogs foundation or basic obedience skills you can begin to train more difficult tasks. This training is best done in the real world where your dog lives and around your community.

Why Private Lessons  are more effective than group training

One-on-One Interaction

Group class setting, it can be difficult for your families to get the individual attention they need to learn effectively. Private lessons allow you to work one-on-one with an experienced trainer who can address all of your specific concerns, and help develop a personalized training plan for your dog training goals.

Every dog is different

You will quickly discover that the suggestions you get from on line sources, and family and friends may not work. That is because what works for one dog, doesn’t necessarily work for all dogs. Dogs learn differently, some techniques work better than others, your dog may process information differently, and one of the biggest factors is YOU.  This is where a professional in home trainer can help.

Customized Curriculum

Classroom learning isn’t for everyone, Our In home private lessons with our experienced trainer can tailor the curriculum to your dogs needs, abilities, and temperament. This ensures that each lesson is maximally effective. Advanced Training is accomplished in the real world, as we expand into the community on field trips.

Flexible Scheduling

Finding time to train can be tough. With in home private lessons, you can work with our trainer to find a time that works for you—no need to worry about coordinating schedules with other students or fitting class into a packed weekend agenda. We offer day, evening and weekend hours.

Improved Socialization

In a private lesson setting, the trainer can work with you to ensure that your dog is comfortable and safe around other people and animals. This will set them up for success in group classes and real-world situations.


Private lessons is worth considering if you want customized curricula to flexible scheduling, particularly for advanced training.  Private lessons offer several benefits that group classes just can’t match. So what are you waiting for? Start training today!

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