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Leash Training

Once your dog and you have completed Foundation Training and your dog has an understanding of basic skills, along with your newly learned techniques, we move to a new level of training called Leash Training. It is at this level that we can expect our dog to accomplish a task without jumping on people when they meet, without pulling the leash when they see another dog, or respond to our call even if they are interested in something better to sniff.

Manners | Distraction | leash Training

  • Eliminate/reduce jumping on people
  • Eliminate/reduce pulling on leash
  • Improve responsiveness to commands
  • Teaches your dog to be calm around people and other dogs
  • Helps your dog to adapt do different exposures
  • Builds Confidence

Before moving into manner, distraction, and leash training, your dog must have the fundamentals of the basic, this is what we call the Foundation Training. Your dog must be able to perform basic obedience without cookies to begin this level.

 This is the level we also begin training for the Canine Good Citizen Certificate, Therapy Dog Training, and Emotional Support Dog and Services Task work. 

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In Home Training

Each program is customized and tailored based upon the family training need, offers flexible scheduling, affordable rates, with a professional trainer.

In home programs include but are not limited to Puppy, Foundation, Emotional Support, and Therapy , Manners | Distraction | Leash walking, and some Behavior Modification Training maybe suitable based upon individual circumstances. We also offer Canine Good Citizen and Task  Work Training  for   service dogs.

We do not train medical alert dogs or PTSD.

We service: St. Charles IL, Batavia IL, Geneva IL, North Aurora IL, Aurora IL, Oswego IL,  Montgomery IL,  Sugar Grove IL,  Naperville IL,  West Chicago IL, Wayne IL, Bartlett IL,  South Elgin, Downer Grove IL, Wheaton IL, Glen Ellyn IL, Lyle IL

Dog training can be simple yet complex when working with dogs, behavior, and people. We require a free phone consultation with each potential client to ensure that we have the information needed to properly assess your training needs. By assigning and to reviewing your goals allows us to recommend a program that best fits your family’s needs.

Our program fees are discounted from our regular hourly rate and have expiration dates with a no refund policy. If you feel that you do not want to commit to a program or that you will not be able to complete a program within the allotted time, you can opt for session per sessions at our regular hourly rates. 

We allow (1) same day cancellation  without charge. Otherwise anything less than 24 hours is chargeable .

3 Hour Programs expire after 5 weeks.

5 hour programs expire after 8 weeks.

7 hour programs expire after 12 weeks.

Potty Camp Program (10 days ) is for puppies  8-16  weeks. This program is designed to help with create training, potty training, creating schedule and routine, socialization and basic commands

Good Start Puppy Program (12 days) is for puppies 4 months – 8 months. This program is designed for individuals that  would like to get their puppy off to a great start. This program is designed to help with create training, potty training, leash walking, meet and greets and basic command. 

Adult Training Program For dogs over 8 months.  This program is designed to cover the basic commands, develop manners, and community training. Our focus is to provide a well rounded family dog that can be included in every family activity.  

The ideal time to begin training is around 7 to 8 weeks for most puppies, and the most effective training involves positive reinforcement and gentle commands. This is also the age to begin socializing your puppy to new people and new species, allowing them to explore and have new experiences.

Training an older dog is totally possible, and in some cases might even be easier than training a puppy. Dogs are lifelong learners, and generally speaking they love to please their owners and receive attention. You can leverage these characteristics to train any dog, no matter their age or training background.