Single Custom Fresh Food Meal Plan for Dogs


Single Custom Fresh Food Meal Plan for Dogs

Custom Fresh Food Meal Plans for Dogs are formulated to ensure your dogs nutritional requirements are being met based upon your dogs profile and daily calories. Recipes are formulated by our pet nutritionist and are designed to provide pet parents with a fully custom meal plan for their dog which includes fresh ingredients found in local farmers, grocery, and ethnic markets.

You will also receive:

Nutritionally Balanced Recipe: Formulated to ensure your dogs nutritional requirements are being met.
Full Nutritional Panel: That offers a complete breakdown of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, Macro and micro nutrients, based upon your dogs daily calories requirements.
Two week Shopping list for recipe that you can make in bulk and freeze.


Single Custom Fresh Food Meal Plans for Dogs

We know pet parents want to provide a healthier life style for their dogs which includes fresh food, yet balancing meals can be confusing. Our pet food nutritionist will create a recipe for your dog that takes the guess out balancing meals. Each recipe will include fresh ingredients found at your local farmers, grocery, and ethnic markets. Although we try to cover all of your dogs nutritional needs using whole foods in some cases, whole food supplements are needed to achieve a specific level of vitamins, minerals. or nutrients that will not exceed the calorie requirements for your dog. In these cases we will recommend supplements to cover the nutritional gaps.

Because each recipe is formulate to meet nutritional standards we do not advice switching ingredients or sharing recipes to other dogs.
Benefits of Custom fresh food meal plans

Each recipe can be customizable: to remove ingredients your dog may have sensitivity or allergies to, with or without bone, raw or cooked
You control the quality of ingredients
No harmful preservatives, additives, dyes, or hidden ingredients
Reduces risk of disease and disease processes
Improves gut microbiome
Reduces behavioral issues
Improves inflammatory processes

Additional information

Questions and Answers

"How many meal plans should I get?" We encourage variety foods and recipes to reduce the risk of developing food sensitivity, provides diversity for good gut health, and keeps dogs from getting board and picky.

"I have multiple dogs, how are the recipes distributed? Each recipe is customized to one dog's individual daily nutrient requirements. However we can create similar recipes to make shopping easier, but each dog recipe may varies.

"What if my dog doesn't like an ingredient in a recipe?" If this occurs with in the first 2-weeks, we can replace the ingredient with another that your dog may like more. If this occurs outside of your 2-week, then you will need to sign up for an adjustment.

Meal adjustments are a service we provide clients that want or need to swap out or change ingredients at a much lower cost.


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