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Our in home puppy training program teaches you how to train a puppy and resolves house breaking, nipping, jumping, chewing, biting, crate training,  aggressive puppy, basic commands, and coming when called, diet and vaccine. We offer private dog training in Geneva IL, St. Charles IL, North Aurora IL, Sugar Grove IL, Oswego IL, Montgomery IL, and the surrounding area.

Training for Puppies

Our dog trainer comes to your home

Puppies are wonderful and cute, but  they lack the general understanding  of the household rules.  Sometimes we can become frustrated with a puppy  that nips, jumps, does not listen, or maybe is having difficulty with  the proper place to eliminate. We have trained 100's of puppies,  this program will streamline you into success very quickly as we have already remedies the common mistakes pet parents make.  

 We can help to create a successful start for your puppy's training.  

 Dogs 4 Life in home puppy training focuses on a whole dog approach based upon the health physical traits, temperament, breed qualities, and mental ability of each individual dogs. This is why our private dog training programs are so successful, we do not believe ever dog is the same and therefore each dogs training may differ. 

This program will teach you how to train a puppy and will give you a clear path to on how to  successfully alleviate confusion and frustration for both you and your  puppy.  

Our Puppy Program is a total of 5 hours with a professional trainer. The first lesson is two hours, which we will spend together with the whole  family. We begin to teach you and your puppy how to communicate together.   In this program  we will accomplish:  the basic  commands: sit, down, stay and come, we address jumping, nipping, chewing, house training, create training,  and any other behavior seen. In addition to the two hours there will be 3- one hour follow ups over a course of 7 weeks. 

  • Our schedule allows family's to be flexible and we understand sometimes things come up, therefore we only charge for  cancellation if they are less than 24 hours notice. 
  • Our program fees are discounted from our regular hourly rate and  does have an eight week expiration with a no refund policy.  
  • If you feel you can not complete 5 hours in eight weeks you can opt for session per sessions at our regular hourly rates. 

 I care about each of my customers, therefore to better serve you I require a personal phone call  to discuss  how I can personalized my training to meet your family's training needs. 

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We service the Fox Valley area: St. Charles IL, Batavia IL, Geneva IL, North Aurora IL Oswego IL,  Montgomery IL,  Sugar Grove IL,  Naperville IL, and the surrounding areas of West Chicago IL, Wayne IL, Bartlett IL Addison IL, Lombard IL 

Dogs 4 Life Whole Dog Training - In Home Dog Training for Fox Valley St. Charles IL, Sugar Grove IL
Dogs 4 Life Whole Dog Training - In Home Dog Training for Fox Valley St. Charles IL, Sugar Grove IL

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In home dog training Sugar Grove IL

In home puppy training to resole potty training St. Charles IL

In Home Dog Training with Christine Whole Dog Trainer and Wellness Coach Geneva IL

Advance your puppy's training

Dogs4Life Dog Training for puppies training and rescue dogs

Now that your In home puppy training program has taught your puppy their foundation commands, it's time to take your private dog training to the next level and begin with distractions and manner training in St. Charles, North Aurora, Geneva and the surrounding area. 

Puppy Camp

Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer at  Puppy Board and Train

Have your puppy trained professional through our private dog training and in home puppy training program 

Finding the Right diet for your puppy

Christine Johnson, Canine nutrition expert at Dogs4Life Geneva IL, St Charles IL, and Batavia IL

Nutrition is key for growing puppies not just nutritionally but can also make a difference in your dogs behavior and potty habits. 

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