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Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer Serving the Canine Community Since2002

Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer Serving the Canine Community Since2002

Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer Serving the Canine Community Since2002Christine Johnson Whole Dog Trainer Serving the Canine Community Since2002

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It’s such an honor to be a part of each and every one of your families.

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Testimonial Reviews

Roxie was adopted as a young pup with an  unknown background.  We have had Golden Retrievers and Labrador  Retrievers in the past and didn't appreciate the difference in training  techniques that would be necessary for Roxie. We hired Christine for in  home training, mostly for training us….she was able to teach us how to  communicate effectively with Roxie and to not give her ‘mixed’  messages.  Now there are no free lunches, Roxie has gone from being  unruly to listening and actually enjoying ‘working’ while she is  training. She is anxious to please and willing to listen.  We are  committed to life long training with Roxie. What we now realize is that  communicating and training each dog requires evaluation of that  individual dog’s personality which Christine did very well.  Roxie loves  her and will miss our regular training sessions as we ‘head out’ on our  own. It is too bad that we don’t have before and after videos.  For us  Christine was the super nanny for dogs! " 

Gay Crain and Dr. Cindy  Charlier, DVM  St. Charles IL

  I worked with Christine to train my dog, a chihuahua/terrier mix, and my in-law's dog, a very large golden retriever.  Both dogs are young and had already developed some bad habits of jumping up and barking, to name a few!  Christine taught me how to work with the dogs so that I was able to address these bad behaviors and any others that may come up.  We are still practicing to learn new things, but so far the dogs can be quiet in their crates (even when someone comes to the door), they can walk nicely on a leash without pulling, they can sit and stay outdoors during walks and in the house when I'm doing chores.  Christine has always been very responsive to answer any questions that came up between visits.  I feel like I got an excellent value for what I paid, but more importantly, I got great results and feel like I can now be a better leader for my pups.  

Sarah Hamilton

Google Review 

  I found Christine on a Yelp search and 

I'm so glad that I did!

She has impacted my dogs life (and my life) in so many positive ways. It started with training but she has also become my go-to person for allergy info, diet recommendations and most questions I have about heath and behavior. When I can't solve a problem, she always has a practical solution on how I work with my dog to change/ improve the behavior.

Using Christine's approach, I always get results.
I would highly recommend Christine! For us, she is much more than a trainer.  She is a guru of all things pup and we will always seek her help! 

Amy Roth

Google Review 

 We had just gotten a new puppy this summer, when, by chance, we encounter a dog at a nursing home facility, who was amazingly well trained.  I talked to the owner of that dog and she gave me the name of "Dogs4Life" in North Aurora.  After our puppy had finished all of her shots, I contacted Christine (at Dogs4Life) and we made arrangements for "Abby" to attend the 12 day Puppy Boot Camp/Board and Train.  Abby had a few behavior issues that we needed to deal with and we weren't having much success.  As she was getting bigger, she was jumping up and pulling things off the counter.  She was also pulling and tugging at clothes and she was still 'play biting' my hands and she was going on 6 months and has real teeth.  Christine is a miracle worker.  In 12 days, we picked up a different puppy.  Walking her on a leash is now is a joy; no more pulling or tugging or getting us both tangled up in the leash.  I, seriously, have to check the leash to make sure she is still there (lol).  She sits, she stays and goes to her "pillow" on command and stays there until dismissed.  No more biting hands or pulling clothes.  Christine is also gave us new and valuable insight into Abby's personality.  I also had spoken with other dog trainers around our area before we found "Dogs4Life and before even had the puppy, and some of them were cost prohibitive.  Christine's services are very reasonably priced and she is very knowledgeable about canine nutrition and canine behaviors.  This was a wonderful experience for us and for our Abby!

Jackie  Kayser

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 Max is a rescued beagle/spaniel mix who  has been allowed to rule the roost for quite a few years. After he lost  his companion dog Molly, he began to exhibit an increase in what I  perceived as aggressive and jealous behavior. Over the years, vets had  recommended sedatives, muzzles, and declared him "trainable." I had just  about given up when I was referred to Dogs 4 Life. Christine began  working with us at our home, and she quickly saw that Max was suffering  from anxiety, fear and lack of confidence. During our first few  sessions, Christine patiently but firmly taught both Max and me that I  was in charge, she then helped me to develop confidence in myself as  Max's handler, as well as building confidence in my dog. We now began  group obedience training with Christine, and Max has blossomed! He has  made tremendous progress in his confidence, comfort level and ability to  separate himself from me. Christine also helped me realize healthy dogs  are better adjusted dogs. She taught me the importance of providing a  truly health diet, recommended vitamins and directed me towards natural  supplements to help Max become a more stable dog. I truly believe her  approaches to both training and providing the nutrients they need are  what have enabled Max to make such tremendous progress in such a short  time.  Christine demonstrates a great affection and has celebrated our  success right along with us, she has  been a constant source of  encouragement, information and support. I am excited to continue working  with her and Max, as well as with Katie, the newest addition to Max's  and my Family.  Thank you Christine, for helping Max and me get to a  much happier place in our lives!" 

Jennifer Adams North Aurora IL

 We found Dogs 4 Life when I , kind of on a whim , decided I needed a  puppy . It had been some time since I had a puppy and decided to search  for someone to get us off on the right foot.  I found Christine through  word of mouth.  I wanted someone who would help me not just train my dog  but to understand him. I read her website info and felt she would be a  good match and I was absolutely correct.  I believe a good trainer in  any aspect is one that works with you and your own specific situation,  one that uses methods that make sense and that are kind and one that  educates you as to how and why things are being done.  We did Puppy  Bootcamp with her. This is not your typical kind of training that you  find in the 'big box pet stores' but one that is personal, in your own  home (or hers if that is what you need) and directed at the whole  family.  What I found most beneficial is her teaching and explaining  foundations - and even a year later when my goofball has a new issue I  can go back to those foundations and work from them - She doesn't come  with the I'm going to fix this or make your dog do this - she comes in  with - we are going to work together to understand how to get  to where  you want to by learning and understanding the steps and helping your dog  understand what you want and are asking of them. I can't say enough  about her approach and professionalism. I have since taken my dog , now  just a little over a year old to some tricks classes and the instructor  there was quite impressed with the fact that we had a trainer that  actually taught from a foundation aspect.  I know that I would not  hesitate to call Dogs 4 Life/Christine should I have any issues or  further training needs and have done so to help through an adolescence  phase our dog went through.  The most important thing is that I have  been educated and when I am faced with a challenge with our dog I can go  back to that all important foundation work and education we were given.  No matter what issues your dog might have , New Puppy to Adult - I am  confident that you will find the support you need from Dogs 4 Life as  Christine will put together a program that fits your goals and needs. 


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